Sean Baker’s video – “F*ck Or Fight” off the hottest R&B/Street Soul Fixtape – “This Love Sh*t Crazy” –

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Sean Baker - This Love Shit CrazySean Baker - This Love Shit Crazy

The latest “Fix-Tape” from R&B/Street Soul Artist Sean Baker. That’s right, not a mix-tape, but an “8 Track Fix-Tape” guaranteed to supply you with an array of addictive melodies, songs, and life situations brought to life through his heavily, emotionally dosed 8 track Fix.


Dawn (I Love You) (Prod By Arkatech Beatz)
F*ck Or Fight (Prod By Arkatech Beatz)
Choose Me (Prod By David Halfway Martin)
Don’t Leave Me Lonely Ft Killer Mike (Prod By Arkatech Beatz)
This Love Shit Crazy (Prod By David Halfway Martin & Arkatech Beatz)
Troubles Away (Prod By Arkatech Beatz)
Midnight Raine (Prod By David Halfway Martin)
Love Is (Prod By SKN Ent)

Check out the latest Video from Sean Baker, “Choose Me” (produced by David “Halfway” Martin)

Directed By Urban Format Films

Available on iTunes!

Sean Baker - Choose Me

Sean Baker Choose Me CoverCheck out the latest single from Sean Baker, “Choose Me” (produced by David “Halfway” Martin)

Available on iTunes!

Sean Baker - Choose Me

Check out Sean Baker’s Dreamchasers R&B Freestyle. Download available here: Sean Baker – Dreamchasers
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Sean Baker’s brand new video/single from  “Dawn (I Love You)” Produced By Arkatech Beatz and David “Halfway” Martin.

Dawn (I Love You)” is the first single off of Sean Baker’s upcoming “Love, Life, In R&B Vol. 1“.

Dawn (I Love You)” Is Available on iTunes!  Download Now!

Dawn (I Love You) - Dawn (I Love You) - Single

Ok, people!  Here we go. I believe this topic is something we have either all experienced, heard about, thought about, or are going through right now. Yes folks, I’m talking about the ever challenging, tried and tested,  Mission Impossible of relationships.

Long Distance Relationships.  So of course we have the frequently asked questions:  Can they work?  Do they work?  What makes them work? Last but not least, why bother at all?

This is topic is probably one of the top most difficult and controversial types of relationships to discuss.  Ladies and gentleman, there are so many scenarios  as to why this happens. You either travel and meet someone from another state.  Or, you’re on vacation and meet someone from another country. Or maybe, you meet someone right where you are, (through business, personal, or whatever) you’ become separated and distance becomes the monster of all trials and tribulations. Continue reading

How do we let go?  When do we let go?   Why is it so hard to do?  When it’s over, no matter what the relationship, we have a hard time letting go. Whether it’s losing a loved one, or breaking up. Some would ask which is harder? Losing someone forever when they die, knowing you’ll never see them again? Or losing /breaking up with someone knowing you may bump into them  a month or even a year or 2 later?  I don’t  think there is any wrong or right answer. We all deal with the struggle of moving on differently. It’s all in how we choose to handle it.

With death  probably being  one  of the most inevitable events we deal with in life, (next to taxes) we,  for some reason, do not always see breaking up in the same light.  When we’re involved, (and it’s good) we can see it lasting forever. Even with the arguments and fights, we do what? Break up, to make up.  But it’s that ultimate goodbye we never imagined coming that leaves us dumb founded, dazed, and down listening to sad songs like Carl Thomas’ “Emotional”, or “I Wish- ( I Never Met Her)” Continue reading